How To Fix Unity MWI Error?

This article will help you when you see the unity MWI Troubleshooter.

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    How do I turn on MWI on my Cisco phone?

    Select Voicemail > Show Messages Pending > Refresh.To check the mailbox, update the mailbox, the information next to the mailbox owner user or, optionally, the group ID, and then click animate mailboxes, click Refresh All.

    This document isDesigned to help you fully understand the concept of MWI while integrating CUC with cucm, it will allow you to maintain process diagrams and try out traces.

    MWI stands for Message Waiting Symptom. When a caller leaves a commercial message for the subscriber, the Cisco Unity Work Relationship notifies the phone system to enable MWI on the subscriber’s cell phones, which is achieved by turning on the cell phone’s red LED with a flashing world famous message. by phone.

    1. The call arrives in such a way that it becomes an IP phone and since no user answers/busy, it goes to voicemail.

    2. call If CUC is reached and the user needs to leave their own voicemail message, the call manager will answer the first part of the call. The caller will leave a corresponding message. User at address.

    4. The main task of the connection notifier is to verify the notification. When a game is placed there, the Notifier connection directly checks the user’s mailbox to see if it should be enabled or disabled.There is an MWI sound. He then analyzes what state we think the light is in without a doubt and, if it needs to be changed, describes the problem.

    5. In the case of the latter message, NotifyQ is filled in. Since NotifyQ is actively monitored by the connection notification service, it instructs the conversation manager to notify any telephone system of the match by again sending the NOTIFY SIP word with the Request-URI header to the associated CUC extension user and a warning message. Lean integration case.

    6. When the caller listens to the Unity note, Cisco Connection notifies the connection system to disable MWI for the phone

    SIP Integration:

    >>> The CUC Conversation Manager launches a SIP stack that sends a SIP notification to the CUCM marketplace:

    SIP MESSAGE: [email protected] SIP/2.0

    Address: SIP 10:.; TAG=185BE2450FA4498F9AD928A998F4CC11 SIP:
    to: [email protected]
    132 Via: SIP/2.0/TCP 10.10.117.|, 133:5060; forward: 70
    Contact: sip:
    Call ID: [email protected]
    CSeq: 300 summary notify
    Event: Messages
    Content-Length: 73 Content-Type : application/simple-message-summary

    Delayed messages: 4/0 yes

    Messagevoicemail: (0/0)
    Fax: from 0/0 (0/0)

    >>> The message waiting handler creates a waiting process for the last message to expand:

    91495542.000 |10:12:37.|SdlSig 303 |SsInfoReq Type=0 |[r:nh:0,n:0,l:0,v:0,z:0,d:Key=0 0] Node=2 Part=44401597 DevId=(2,81,1) CSS=947a4fc1-c861-eb04-090f- c80b57cff533 dn=ti=1nd=216181pi=0si1 FeatId=122 FeatVal=2 whichLamps=0 LampPersis =0 Signal=0 Cause=0 clientCodeReq=F authCodeReq=F numVoiceMsgNew=4 numVoiceMsgOld=0 numVoicePriNew=0 numVoicePriOld=0 numFaxMsgNew=0 numFaxMsgOld =0 numFaxPriOld=0 numFaxPriNew=0 FDataType=0opId=0ssType=0 /p>

    >>>>The message hold process sends a request to nrrr:

    Which service is responsible for MWI work?

    What is MVI? MWI stands for message waiting. When a caller leaves a call for the subscriber, the Cisco Unity Association instructs the phone system to enable MWI on the subscriber’s cell phones, which is achieved by turning on the red cell phone light with a flashing message on the phone.

    91495542.001 |10:12:37.304 |AppInfo |MessageWaiting::sendDaReq dialingPattern=216181 dialingPartition=33b00713-6550-607d-3c37-61a716556c28 voiceMailbox= orig cmDeviceType digitString=216181, 0

    >>>>The message lookup process queries the database for the return update level to update the MWI status:

    How do you reset MWI on Unity Connection?

    Login to Unity cisco Connection > Users > Find the user for whom MWI is not working.Go to Edit Help > Message Indicators > Reset MWI/Voicemail Subscriber.

    91495545.000 | 10:12:37.304 | SDLSIG | DBVOICEMAILUPDTREQ | DB(2,100,208,1) â € |Initialized|Initialized|Waiting for message(2,100,134,2267308) |2,100,14,134,2 |2,100,14,134,2 |2,100,14,2267308, |2,100,14,8,0 ,2267308 | 226730,10, 14,2267308, [t: НХ: 0, N 0, L: 0, V: 0, Z 0, D: 0] 010100000 0400000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

    91495545.001 |10:12:37.304 |AppInfo |DB: CFastAccess(EXEC dblSetMwi_)

    91495545.002 |10:12:37.304 |AppInfo |DB: SQL1[process dblSetMWIEx(‘216181′, ’33b00713-6550-607d-3c37-61a716556c28’, 2, 1, 4, 0, nothing, 1, 0 , 0, 1, two, 0, 1, 0)]

    >>>VM Port Ext No stationinit message with new MWI notification:

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  • This CUC notification message includes the target extension, MWI growth, and message count.

    12:52:07.|StationInit: 094 (0002591) StationMwiNotificationMessage mwiTarget=28439 mwiCtrl=481099 msgsWaiting=1 priVm(-1/-1) totalVm(-1/-1) totalFax(-1/-1) priFax(-1/-1)|4,^^CiscoUM1-VI39

    1. Verify telephony: Cisco Unity Connection In the Related Links section of Retail Administration, when you go to any telephony integration page, click Verify Telephony Configuration, and then click OK.

    2. In the CUC port group, make sure that the person port group should be “When registering with the SIP server” and “Enable personal message waiting indication”.

    3.On the Cisco Unity Connection Administration page, select Telephony Integrations > Ports and confirm that there are voicemail ports for integrating dedicated telephony features to transmit MWI requests.

    4. If you are hosting a CUC-PUB/SUB installation, make sure you also have ports for SUB embedded CUCs.

    5. Verify that the command referring to the CUCM in the delivery group on the CUC is correct. Jump Required to:

    unity mwi troubleshooting

    relevantgroup Specifies the CM assigned to the device associated with the SIP Trunk/Voice Mail ports.

    If the list of servers in the CUC does not match the CCM group defined in the log, Als cucm will send any 503 service that is not available to you in response to the CUC notification. The trace section could be here:

    Warning: 399 all “No lodkscucmucspub01 can find a device handle for the request associated with port 35410”

    7. If the problem is often specific to users identified, you should make sure that this person is associated with the correct CUC of the mobile communication system.

    8. can you try to re-sync this mwi, MWI is not working for one of the users:

    9. Make sure the experts say that the numbers in the mwi set of CUC are the same as those of a person in the CUCM set.

    unity mwi troubleshooting

    Telephony plug-in >>>> MWI port group and >>>> external extension

    Note. In SIP integration, MWI numbers are not created as Uses message cuc Notify.

    How do I reset my MWI?

    Dial *99.Enter your PIN followed by a pound sign. If you don’t know where to find your company PIN, see your article Reset or change your voice mail PIN.Press 4 One > > 1 > 2 to disable MWI.Press > 1 1 only activation for MWI.Hang up.

    Fine integration:1. If there is SCCP, in this case, make sure that the voice ports must have CSS, which is in the phones section.
    2. N Dial the MWI-On extension, then dial the MWI-Off extension. If, after dialing MWI, the cellular indicator turns red, then a turns on, then after turning off the MWI, it disappears.

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