How To Fix Problems With Unregistered Unbindservice?

If you haven’t registered Unbindservice on your system yet, this article might help you.

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    MyFragment class implements SomeEventListener    mAppContext application;    boolean mlimit;    boolean mDidCallUnbind;    MyIBinder mBinder;    ServiceConnection mConnection = all new ServiceConnection()        @Crush        local community void onServiceConnected(bean name, IBinder service)           mBound is correct;            mBinder = (MyIBinder) service;            mBinder.getThings();...                @Crush        empty public onServiceDisconnected(component name)            mDidCallUnbind = false;           MBound is false;            mBinder=nil;            ;    ...   @Crush    invalidate the public onSomeEvent()       MAppContext .bindService(...);        cancel unbindService()        if (mBond && MDidCallUnbind !mdidcallunbind) is equal to; true mAppContext.unbindService(mConnection);               @Crush   cancel onPause() consumer       unbind service();       super.on pause();    

    unbindservice service not registered

    However, from time to time I see a really bug in concept: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unregistered Service unbindService() is generated only ‘ its name. Am I missing something stupid, or is there more? something I should note that there could be more of them compared to number one of the same fragment.

    Because Nobody can read code, I would like to explain. unbindService() does not reach Context. If unbindservice(serviceconnection) the service is secure and (mbound) it has not been called. The previous onServiceDisconnected(...) callback was fired via a possible – push ex-call unbindService().

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  • Step 1: Open the ASR Pro software
  • Step 2: Click on "Start scan"
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  • Remember that there are times when Android disables your service for you, so the service can be disabled but onServiceDisconnected is called in no way, which leaves me stale?

    I also use my application context to help with the initial binding. Suppose something like:

    @Overridepublic something void onCreate() mApplication = getContext().getApplicationContext();

    February 27, 2014 at around 8:43 pm.

    Alt=”” cowdcow
    unbindservice service not registered


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