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    You may encounter an error code indicating that the subprocess returned an error code. Well, there are different ways to solve this problem and we will look into them shortly. Dpkg – configure one related to common commands used to configure unpacked programs or packages. Get configuration is used to unpack and organize the package. You can unzip systems with the following command: ? rrr dpkg –unpack [package_name] Now you can customize the package you just unpacked above.

    The error message “The /usr/bin/dpkg subprocess returned an error rule (1)” indicates a problem with most package installers. Recently, this can happen with Ubuntu after a component installation fails due to faulty software or installer corruption.

    The passphrase for this error might be /usr/bin/dpkg. This points to the Linux dpkg package installer. An installer is an application that containst software, updates, dependencies, etc. If it’s just corrupt, any new software will throw this error message.

    We present several possible solutions, ranging from easily solved and therefore simple solutions to more complex actions. This guide will help you get rid of the dpkg error code on a running Ubuntu system.

  • A user account with sudo rights.
  • Window/command line of the airport terminal (Ctrl-Alt-T)
  • Options To Fix /usr/bin/dpkg Subprocess Returning Error Code 1: (1)

    How do I fix sub process returned an error?

    Method 1: Reconfigure the dpkg database.Method two: Force installation of software.Method 3: Remove the faulty software package.Method 4: Clean up unused software packagesMethod 5: Delete mail files.Method 6: Overwrite the package file.

    Reconfigure Dpkg Database Method

    sub process returned an error code

    If your package database is corrupted, you can fix it by reconfiguring.

    sudo dpkg -a

    This –configure command reconfigures packages that have been unpacked but not necessarily installed. Violating here at the wrong time could corrupt this database. This is usually especially useful if you get lost during the installation and the process was interrupted.

    Method 2: Force Software Installation

    EUIf mode 1 doesn’t work, you can fix the dependencies in this installer.Apt-get

    sudo install -f

    The -f process stands for fix-broken. It fixes all broken dependencies in your package manager. Broken dependencies occur when a download needs to be aborted or is in a cached download state.

    Method 3: Removing The Malware Package

    If you know which software has caused errors on your system, you can uninstall them.

    Enter the command and a package name with a name that includes the software causing the problem:

    sudo apt-get remove --purge package_name

    The --purge option tells the system to additionally purge configuration files to remove them. This will only remove traces of malware.

    Method 7: Remove Unused Software Packages

    If a new, old, obsolete, or unused package continues to cause problems, you can fix the problem by removing the unused software packages.

    sudo apt automatic removal

    Method 5. Publish Remote Files

    If you know the name of the package causing the health problems, you can remove the files manually. The installation files are usually located in /var/lib/dpkg/info.In

    Type the focus-on command, replacing packagename with the name of the failed software. :

    sudo mark vii -l /var/lib/dpkg/info | grep -i will probably become the package name

    This will generate a list of most installed software links.

    sudo mv /var/lib/dpkg/info/packagename.* /tmp

    This moves the order of some files to the /tmp directory so they can’t affect your special offer manager.

    sudo apt-get update

    Method 6: Replace The Package File

    If you know the name of the package that is causing the problem, you can force a replacement.

    Use the following command, replacing full_name_of_package with the actual name:

    sudo package dpkg -the --force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/full_name_of_package

    The dpkg error message indicates a problem with the package installer that you alwayscalled an aborted installation process or a corrupted database.

    Having completed most of these steps, you should now have a few of these methods in place to fix the dpkg error idea and get the program installer working.

    Note. Other dependencies are software features that are required by the program being installed. The bundling company helps track customer dependencies.

    Note. Avoid the next two options if all other methods have failed.

    Note. If you don’t know the natural name of the package, look it up using money order:

    ls /var/cache/apt/archies/*package_name*

    Replace package_name with the username of your software. It should pay for instances of this package alias. Make a note of the exact filename and put it in the previous command.

    On Ubuntu and other Debian-based distributions, it’s not uncommon to encounter a broken package script. Sometimes when your company isUpgrades the system or installs a completely new software package, you may encounter this error “Subprocess /usr/bin/dpkg returned a child code”.

    For example, some time ago I was trying to upgrade to Ubuntu 18.04 and ran into dpkg when I ran into the error below. Products

    Processing error:google-chrome-stableE: The /usr/bin/dpkg subprocess returned an error code (1)

    This indicates that the google-chrome-stable package is currently either corrupted or infected. There are several ways around this problem, so don’t pull the towel and get rid of your personal system just yet.

    Solution 1: Reconfigure The Dpkg Package

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  • One of the triggers for this is definitely a corrupted dpkg database error. This may be due to an unexpected interruption in the installation of a perfect software package. Database reconfiguration is considered a way to solve this situational problem.

    sub process returned an error code

    $ sudo dpkg --configure -a

    This reconfigures how unzipped packages were not downloaded during the installation process.

    Solution 2: Force Installation Of The Problem Software keta

    Sometimes errors are more likely to occur when installing software packages. In this case, you can force the package to be installed by implementing the -f option as shown.

    $ tilt install sudo -fWHERE$ sudo appropriate use of --fix-broken


    options -f and --fix-broken can be used interchangeably to fix broken dependencies resulting from a broken download of a cached package.

    Solution 3: Clearly Bad Or Corrupt Software Package

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