Steps To Fix The Return Code For SQL Server Stored Procedures

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    In this user guide, we will discover some possible reasons that might cause SQL server to store proc return code and then we will suggest some possible fixes you can try to get rid of this problem.

    sql server stored proc return code

    Applies to: SQL Server (all versions) stored in Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Managed Instance, Azure Synapse Analytics Analytics Platform System (PDW)< /p>

    There are three ways to return data from a procedure to the calling program: result sets, product parameters, and return codes. This table of contents provides information on three new approaches.

    Return Data Result Using Sets

    How do I return a stored procedure in SQL Server?

    Right-click and select Execute Stored Procedure.If the procedure expects parameters, enter the appropriate values ​​and click OK.In addition to the expected result, the collectionThis procedure also returns a return value = 0.

    If you include a SELECT statement in a stored procedure process (but certainly not SELECT … INTO or INSERT … SELECT), the rows specified by the SELECT statement are sent directly to the client. For a large result set, the stored procedure build does not move on to the next statement until the result of the set has been completely sent to the client. For small result sets, the results must be queued to be returned to a particular client, and execution continues. If during the execution of the received multiple procedureur running more than one of these SELECT statements, the result sets can be sent to the client. This performance also applies to nested Transact-SQL quantities, nested stored procedures, and top-level Transact-SQL packages.

    Examples Of Returning Data With A Good Set Of Valid Results

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  • Step 1: Open the ASR Pro software
  • Step 2: Click on "Start scan"
  • Step 3: Click on "Repair now" to start the repair process

  • The following examples use exactly the adventureworks2019 sample database. This example shows a stored procedure that returns these LastName and SalesYTD values ​​for almost all SalesPerson rows that are also in vEmployee< /code> code happens > display.

    USE AdventureWorks2019;WALKIF OBJECT_ID('Sales.uspGetEmployeeSalesYTD', 'P') NOT NULL  DELETE METHOD Sales.uspGetEmployeeSalesYTD;WALKCREATE a commercial service. uspgetemployeesalesytdLIKE   INSTALL WITHOUT ACCOUNT;   SELECT surname, SalesYTD   PAR Sales.SalesPerson AS sp   JOIN HumanResources.vEmployee AS e ON e.BusinessEntityID equals sp.BusinessEntityID;      RETURN;WALK

    Return Data With Result Parameter

    Can we use return in stored procedure?

    The RETURN statement is certainly used to unconditionally and immediately restore an SQL procedure, returning control flow to the pursuer of the stored procedure. When my RETURN statement is executed, it must return an integer value. If no return with a value is provided, the overdue amount is 0.

    Specifying an initial keyword for a parameter in a procedure's classification often allows the procedure to returnPass the informed parameter value to the calling program when the procedure generates a profit. To store the value of parameter a in a variable that can be used in the calling TV show, the calling program must use the output keyword when starting the agent. For more information about document types that can be used as processing options, see CREATE PROCEDURE (Transact-SQL).

    Examples With Output Parameters

    The following example shows a medical procedure with one input parameter and one key output parameter. The @SalesPerson parameter is likely to receive an input value provided by the caller. The SELECT statement uses the value passed to most of the input parameters to get the adjusted SalesYTD value. The select statement sets all @SalesYTD output parameters to a value that returns an evaluation to the caller after any procedure has completed.

    USE AdventureWorks2019;GO OBJECT_ID('Revenueif.'P') uspgetemployeesalesytd', NOT NULL    DELETE METHOD Sales.uspGetEmployeeSalesYTD;START TREATMENTSCreate Sales.uspGetEmployeeSalesYTD   @Vendor nvarchar(50),    @SalesYTD MoneyOUTPUTLIKE      INSTALL WITHOUT ACCOUNT;    SELECT @SalesYTD = SalesYTD    PAR Sales.SalesPerson AS sp   JOIN HumanResources.vEmployee AS e ON e.BusinessEntityID matches sp.BusinessEntityID    WHERE Lastname = @SalesPerson;    RETURN;WALK

    The following example calls the new procedure created in the first situation and stores the output value from the called procedure in the @SalesYTD variable itself, which is local to the calling program.

  • Declares a mutable @SalesYTDBySalesPerson to get an output value that currently matches the procedure.
  • Executes the procedure Sales.uspGetEmployeeSalesYTD and finally displays the name of the original parameter. Stores the value returned if the variable is @SalesYTDBySalesPerson.PRINT
  • Causes the display of the value stored in @SalesYTDBySalesPerson.
  • How do you write a return statement in SQL?

    Thus, a return condition value can be included in the following Transact-SQL statements of a package or procedure that executes current processes, but it must be entered when it is of the form: EXECUTE @return_status means .

    DECLARE @SalesYTDBySalesPerson money;RUN Sales.uspGetEmployeeSalesYTD    @SalesYTD n'blythe', = @SalesYTDBySalesPerson OUTPUT;PRINT 'Annual turnover of this consultant' +    CONVERT(varchar(10),@SalesYTDBySalesPerson);WALK

    Input valuesmay also be required for output parameters when executing a function. This allows the progression to receive a value from a human caller, modify or perform functions on the value, and then pass the new value to the caller. In the previous example, a value can be assigned to a specific @SalesYTDBySalesPerson variable before the calls schedule your current Sales.uspGetEmployeeSalesYTD procedure. The execute statement sends the value of the variable @SalesYTDBySalesPerson to the output parameter @SalesYTD. Then the value in the body of the procedure could actually be used for calculations that collect the new value. The new value will be returned against the procedure via the production parameter, and the value will be updated in our own @SalesYTDBySalesPerson variable when the procedure exits. This is often referred to as the "Pass by Reference" feature.

    How do I return a stored procedure from resultset in SQL Server?

    Use the DYNAMIC RESULT SETS clause in the CREATE/REPLACE PROCEDURE statement to specify the number of final result sets returned by the stored procedure.Use the awesome DECLARE CURSOR statement to maintain a result set cursor for each result set returned by the entire stored process.

    If you specify output for the last parameter when calling the agent, and that parameter is not configured to be output in the procedure declaration, you will receive an error. However, you can run the procedure A ru containing output parameters and do not specify a product in the startup procedure. No error is returned, but you simply can't use the returned value in a career program.

    sql server stored proc return code

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