Smx Ii Cruisair Troubleshooting And Troubleshooting

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    You may have encountered an error code indicating that the Cruiser smx II is under maintenance. By the way, there are several ways to solve this problem, which we will talk about now.

    1. FloodNew Member

      September 20, 2017
      1997 58 Bridge
      Need help troubleshooting an air conditioner. This is a Cruiseair smx a Circa 1997 pair system. When I turn devices on the keyboard to V, the bed displays fifty-six degrees, the heater turns on, the fan runs at high speed, and the display freezes at these settings. Nothing I do, let them drop, it won’t change. The interior is very unstable, no doubt the display is flickering constantly and some of the lights are flickering slightly. From the reset of the attempt also works. I tried an additional keyboard, but nothing has changed in terms of space either. Compressors pump them out and do not turn on.
      I then checked the pump relay box (it’s a PR8x), the triggers and they looked so fried I replaced them completely but modified them.
      I then bypassed the relay box to see if the pump was working and it immediately became legal and had good water passage. Later, running up to the pump, I turned on the compressors. The keyboard bunk was still at 60 degrees and stuck at the same final settings, and the compressor wouldn’t turn on. KeyboardThe radiator in the living room was still very erratic, but the compressor even turned on, not to mention the fan was running. The wind wasn’t very cold, and I don’t know which keypad activates a particular word.
      Is my next replacement slot suitable to deal with one or both cards on compressors? Does it look like the pump relay box should ideally be replaced? Any help with troubleshooting is welcome!

    2. In the past my Cruiser stopped working on a 97. We have seen it work great. I tried the bar swap button on. Does not work. So I bought a new control board (the original game board is no longer made, it really is needed, to help most people choose the right replacement. Expensive! (at least in Canada). Tray, New may not have worked. ) our disappointment.
      so last month I decided to replace the whole place. I ended up buying a real mariner from (not a Canadian dealer in May)mi). Just finished the installation this weekend, everything works. A neat keyboard that has a function when you set the desired humidity level, and the idea is to keep it at that level. Beautiful and so quiet. I just took a BTU, 9k to replace the 12K with some 12K (they are a bit bigger than Cruiseair). I believe this will be perfect for my 330DA. It was about 65 today and he had no problem keeping the cabin nice and yet cool and didn’t fill up.

      So, I have an old control board, some new control boards, and two SMXII keyboards that I will almost try to sell on eBay if I find anyone who wants to try these products. I think the problem may be in the air conditioner itself, but who knows. Sounds

    3. The one they need is the original PCB. They cost about $800. The wall controller is a controller and doesn’t do much. I had the same problem with the device. I have a board that solved this problem, but my living room does the same thing. I replace WeRefurbished (sp?) at this owner’s webasto showroom and he did a great job.

  • Post update of mine under our marine AC unit. Actually this has always worked well. No problem dropping 12,000 BTUs on some of the mariner’s, at least 9,000 for use anywhere in Canada. Our August daily peaks are in the mid-80s due to high humidity.

    I set the humidity to 55% and when I stopped a few weekends ago and the last time I took the kayak back, it was 52 degrees in the cabin on Friday, 55% is clearly too low for a boat, straight into the water lol! put . Good dry air with artisan rustic lighting, but once I found all the condensation on glass, cabinets and walls from their 80 degree air falls outside. So we got 65% last Sunday night, and we’re also going to try and see how it goes today, Friday.

    Installation was fairly easy, although the device was about 2 inches taller, so I receivedaxle mounting to remove the base to understand that the Cruiseair is on. I had to fabricate a new 90 degree 1/2″ copper pipe as well, as the water inlet in one of them was sorted instead of omitted. Pulling the wire to work with the thermostat was a bit of a pain, I tried to lightly glue the new one to the end of the old one and thread it through but it just hung on the cabinet wall in the very last step so I used a wire puller to get it out. with back top. The thermostat is available in many different sizes and SMX I made a starboard color base to assemble it. Now looks good. The rest was easy. So far so good.< br>
    smx ii cruisair troubleshooting

    Fix your computer now with this quick and easy download.

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