Steps To Remove Precompiled Binaries Due To A Windows Runtime Issue

You may have encountered an error message pointing to precompiled binaries to run Windows. Now you can take a few steps to solve this problem, which we will do shortly.

Don’t suffer from Windows errors anymore.

  • Step 1: Open the ASR Pro software
  • Step 2: Click on "Start scan"
  • Step 3: Click on "Repair now" to start the repair process
  • Fix your computer now with this quick and easy download.

    Source code
    (2.42 MiB) Merge C source, entry 3.38.1.
    (sha3: 907e3e7af9770156976f042f5bcbdb95f2b2857b1a65c93a37e84eb3dbdf52f3)
    (2.89 source file) c is encoded as a union. Also includes a “configuration” script. additional TEA makefiles for the TCL interface.
    (sha3: aee9f7a2dde4354eb57445f15c88ca870bed242fe5e6ad231f6a95cd0edc1489) Documents
    (10.12 MB) Simple documentation as a set of HTML audio files.
    (sha3: f04ea3bf295aa691f481d7609d4f02dbb2861efc21a6b556cfb95925288d553d) colspan=”4″>Precompiled binaries suitable for Android
    (3.20 MB) An Android precompiled library consisting of a SQLite core. Ready to integrate into any Android thanks to tailored Java connections Project Studio.
    (sha3: 46f199c30af20109f4dba0c9bb7e158916e3ee5f229847720105341a1af6d72a)
    Precompiled for Linux binaries
    (2.13 MB) Command line toolkit for manipulating SQLite datastore files, including the command line shell system, the sqldiff program, and your sqlite3_analyzer program.A884dd8a4a463c74d53bf08f5c46fb4880a0171781638e8c468141d3776849c5) (sha3: colspan=”4″> Precompiled binaries for Mac OS X (x86)
    (1.50 MB) A set of SQLite command line tools for managing database files, regarding the command line shell program, the sqldiff program, and sqlite3_analyzer.
    (sha3: 72adb406602a337a76a9d3f08faa472d9f1993148239d4d87558bc7075935d8b) Precompiled name=”win32″> executables when viewed from Windows
    (553.62 KB) 32-bit (x86) DLL for SQLite version 3.38.1.
    (sha3: 710f28888723a576cdffa9f860d7fa9b13adcb4f7a2b425acbc3d4c3ece8d8a0)
    (895.98 KB) 64-bit (x64) SQLite DLL for version 3.38.1.
    (sha3: 0e014495eb829bc41ce48783b7a7db362f9cfd61c40a624683aba7868b712c4b)
    (1.87 MiB) Command line toolkitki to organize SQLite database files, including command line shell program, sqldiff.program, exe and program sqlite3_analyzer.exe.
    (sha3: 5b5174494fde70710899614f878954677ba792f6b76876905f6d21187d9e8ab1) Precompiled for .NET binaries System.Data.SQLite
    Visit Passaggi Per Aiutarti A Rimuovere I File Binari Precompilati A Causa Di Un Problema Di Windows Runtime
    Windows 런타임 문제로 인해 미리 컴파일된 바이너리를 줄이는 단계
    Steg För Att Ta Bort Förkompilerade Binärer På Grund Av Ett Windows Runtime-problem
    Pasos Para Ayudarlo A Eliminar Archivos Binarios Precompilados Debido A Un Problema De Windows Runtime
    Действия по удалению предварительно скомпилированных двоичных файлов из-за полной проблемы среды выполнения Windows
    Kroki Mające Na Celu Usunięcie Prekompilowanych Plików Binarnych Z Powodu Konkretnego Problemu Ze środowiskiem Wykonawczym Systemu Windows
    Étapes Qui Supprimeront Les Fichiers Binaires Précompilés En Raison D’un Problème D’exécution De Windows
    Etapas Para Permitir Que Eles Removam Binários Pré-compilados Devido A Qualquer Tipo De Problema Do Windows Runtime
    Stappen Op Weg Om Voorgecompileerde Binaire Bestanden Te Verwijderen Die Nodig Zijn Wanneer U Een Windows Runtime-probleem Moet Hebben
    Schritte Zum Entfernen Vorkompilierter Binärdateien Aufgrund Eines Windows-Runtime-Problems