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    Recently, some of our readers informed us that they encountered the ora-00257 10g archive error. ORA-00257 error is a recent, more very common Oracle database error. Trial error basically expresses that we have logical or physical storage elsewhere in our ASM disk group, mount, local disk or db_recovery_file_dest db_recovery_file_dest repositories such as sets data, but also a simpler storage. types such as simple files, emails, etc. A database is a collection of bytes managed by storage in a system management system (DBMS). › RSS feeds › Data_store The data store is a place on our Wikipedia where archived logs are permanently stored.

    A very common Oracle database that is mostlyTells you that most of the time you run out of forensic or physical space on boot, disk, or yours in the db_recovery_file_dest location where your archived logs are located. If you get this error, your database will crash and will not allow anyone other than users with administrative privileges to connect to the database for someone to perform maintenance to fix the problem.

    The first step to solving this problem would be to check your server and see the actual event when you ran out of physical space on one of your drives or media. If you have online physical storage, buy the options. In addition, you can specify that your archive logs be written to a new disk or mounted on sufficient disk space, you can back up your main archive logs, and delete, capture, or simply delete the archive logs in case you don’t . they don’t need recovery for your database. I would recommend methods to try backing up.and I’ll remove rman as it will always keep your backup directory up to date and clean.

    If there is a lot of space on the CD or media where the Archivelog folder will be written, your company will need to connect to our own database and search for the logical space. each What has to be done is that it is possible. Run the following commands to find out where your archived logs are actually located and note down how much space you’ve allocated for them.

    How do I fix archiver error?

    If you get this error, our database will go down and auf will not prompt anyone other than admin level users to connect to the database to perform maintenance to fix the problem. The first step to solving this problem is to connect to your current server and see if you are running out of physical space on any of your hard drives or media. Mistake

    This is the command of the person who displays the blogger in your archived journals:

    SQL> Show log_archive_destParameter NAME NAME TYPE VALUE——————————————————– ———————————————— ——–Log_archive_dest ———– line /u01/archivelog/orcl/

    What is archiver error?

    ORA-00257: archive error. Cause. During the archiving process, an error occurred while trying to archiveb retry log file. If the problems are not resolved quickly, the repository will stop executing transactions. The most likely cause of this message should be that there is not enough disk space on the target device to store the redo flag file.

    If I said that the log_archive_dest parameter is empty, then most likely you are using the db_recovery_file_dest database, which stores archived logs. You can run the following command to view the location.

    SQL> show parameter selection NAMENAME TYPE VALUE———————— ———————— — ————- —–line db_recovery_file_dest /u01/fast_recovery_areadb_recovery_file_dest_size big integer 100G

    Could not get JDBC connection nested exception is Java SQL Sqlexception Ora-00257 archiver error connect as Sysdba only until resolved?

    If you are getting this ORA-00257: Archiver error, it means that there is no more space on the target disk for Archivelog and redolog files to store these files. You have 2 options to solve this problem: specifically, connect RMAN first and delete the old archived logs if you no doubt backed them up or just don’t need your backups.

    You’ll find that you have at least these two options if you’re using Oracle 10g, 11g, or maybe 12c. The first parameter “db_recovery_file_dest” specifies where exactly your archive logs will be written, and the second parameter specifies how much disk space you allocate in order to get not only these files, but also other files such as backups, salvage, firewood, control snapshots of files., as well as several files that can be created by default if you do not capture a specific location. Comment

    Please see below if you received help troubleshooting ORA-00257: archive. Just log in, fix inside until the issue is resolved. If you need further assistance, we encourage you to contact a Certified Sustain oracle DBA Expert.

    ORA-00257 a is a common error in Oracle.Usually, when you connect to a database, you only see the ORA-00257 message.detected in the maximum instantaneous recovery area (FRA), as well asdb_recovery_file_dest_size .

    First, make sure your AutoArchive is enabled. Verifyrender the archive here, try it:

    SQL>Organize Log List

    Now note that you can certainly archive targetsif you find the target USE_DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST use from:

    SQL> Display optionsdb_recovery_file_dest;

    The next step in solving ORA-00257 is to find outTo find out what db_recovery_file_dest_size is in use, use:


    You may find that SPACE_USED is almost certainsame as SPACE_LIMIT if element is relevant for permission ORA-00257Fixed by moving certain archived logs to another location.

    Then you need to zip the files file with

    SQL>change system, order all logs

    It’s important to note this in step 5.resolution is too new ORA-00257, you may also encounter ORA-16020LOG_ARCHIVE_MIN_SUCCEED_DEST and someone must use the archive voucherand process of use (remember that you may need to take additional stepsTake action if youUse the flash recovery panel as you will end up with more errors trying to use it.LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST):

    SQL>Edit LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_.. system entry= ‘location=/archivelogpath reopen’;

    The final step to resolve the ORA-00257 error isEdit the logs if you plan to check with:

    SQL>Edit the system move log file;

    ora-00257 archiver error 10g

    How do I fix Ora-00257 archiver error connect as Sysdba only until resolved?

    use command (recovery rman manager). type Just rman at the command prompt.Connect to the target database.Suppress backups. delete backup; or just useless file backups with: deleting obsolete files;Delete database logs: Clear Force Copy Associated archivelog all;

    Error tips from oracle Burleson I Consulting


    Question: I feel like I’m using Oracle applications and I’m practically getting them ORA-00257:

    ORA-00257: allError Archive error. Physically connect this whilereleased.

    ora-00257 archiver error 10g

    Answer: The function tells oerr the followingto ORA-00257:

    ORA-00257: archive error. UniteFor use only, internal rights released.
    Reason: ArchiverThe process immediately got a fatal error when trying to zip a running redo file.not allowed, database andIt is possible to stop the execution of a transaction. inThe most likely message is that the target main device is out of web save the wood conversion file.

    Action: Checkzip the trace file with a detailed description of the problem.Checking device specific parameter in initializationarchive_log_dest must be properly configured for archiving.

    The arch process in the Background oracle is responsible for retrying.writes logs to the online log file system and also writes to a file when running

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  • Step 1: Open the ASR Pro software
  • Step 2: Click on "Start scan"
  • Step 3: Click on "Repair now" to start the repair process

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