How To Troubleshoot Linux Kernel Defconfig Configuration?

If you have a linux kernel configuration defconfig, this guide may help.

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    deconfig. Creates a new kernel configuration with your default response used for all options. The default values ​​are looked up from a file like arch/$ARCH/defconfig, where $ARCH refers to the specific architecture you see the kernel is built for.


    The .config file is not just a copy of your defconfig. Then comes the enthusiasm for storing defconfig in this absolute format: in defconfig we could also specify options in addition to non-default values ​​(i.e. options which we use the most modified for the board). This way we can keep it small and uncluttered. Each new kernel release brings a bunch of new options, and in that direction, we don’t need to update a specific defconfig file with each release of that kernel. It’s also worth noting that the kernel build system maintains the most specific order of parameters carrying the defconfig file, so it’s best not to edit them manually anymore. Instead, everyone should use the rule make saveefconfig.

    Simplified Explanation

    When a .config file is generated, the kernel build system that appears looks at every bit of the Kconfig files (in all subdirectories) and checks all the options in those Kconfig files >:

  • if the path to the target is specified in defconfig, the physical assembly places this setting in . With config save selected to defconfig
  • If a setting is not fully specified in defconfig, the build system provides the setting in .config using the default value specified in Kconfig. > indicated. code>
  • Check scripts/kconfig/Makefile and scripts/kconfig/conf.Files to see how it actually works.

    A More Precise And Therefore More Detailed Explanation

    Where is the Defconfig file in Linux?

    The defconfig platform contains all the custom Linux kconfig settings needed to customize the kernel build (features, escape system settings, etc.) for this console. Defconfig files are usually stored along with the kernel tree in arch/*/configs/.

    Define configuration symbols: Kconfig


    Configuration are symbols defined in files that are considered Kconfig files. Each Kconfig data file can describe any number of characters, and can also contain other Kconfig (source) files. Compiling aims to create a configuration menu of kernel heap options like make menuconfig and understanding those files to create a specific tree structure. Each directory in our kernel has a Kconfig which I would say contains the Kconfig files of its subdirectories. Above the kernel code resource directory is the Kconfig file, which is the root of this options tree. menuconfig (scripts/kconfig/mconf), gconfig (scripts/kconfig/gconf) and other build targets Programs that run this type Kconfig in the root directory and recursively read these Kconfig files found in each subdirectory of the market, to build your menus. The subdirectory visit time is also defined in each of these Kconfig files and also depends on the configuration symbol values ​​chosen by the user process.

    Save symbol values: file .config

    How do I configure my yocto kernel?

    How to change the Linux kernel configuration file in the meta layer of the Yocto project.Requirements preparation.Download the metalayer.Git clones this Linux kernel source code.Customize how to customize.Copy the configuration at the meta level.Install the full patch in the Linux kernel recipe.

    All configuration symbol values ​​are stored in a special file called .config. Every time you want to change an important kernel build configuration, run a great make target like menuconfig xconfig. Read these Kconfig workbooks to create a menu and store configuration icon values ​​with their current values, which are manually set in .config. In addition, these update tools can also create this .config file with the new options you choose, if it didn’t already exist.

    Because the .config file is plain text, your organization can also edit itwithout using any special tools. It’s also extremely handy for backing up and restoring previous kernel build configurations.

    Useful Commands

    $ Install ARCH=Activate your_board_defconfig
    $ make ARCH=arm help support | deconfigure

    If grep needs to do the opposite (i.e. generate a proper little defconfig from a .config set), you can use the saveefconfig rule :

    $reach ARCH=arm saveefconfig

    Also, as 0andriy mentioned, clients can use the diffconfig script to detect changes to any of the . To customize another:

    $scripts/diffconfig .config_old .config_new

    With these goals, each core can be configured differently.

    usually look at allyesconfig,allmodconfig,allnoconfig andrandconfig targets also useEnvironment variable KCONFIG_ALLCONFIG. If thisThe variable points to a file, this image is used as oneConfiguration list values ​​you need time to set a specific valueEvaluate. In other words, overrides archive the actual normal behaviordo Goals.

    $chat ~/linux/must_be_setCONFIG_SWAP=yCONFIG_DEBUG_FS=y

    and you enterdo everything without configuration and the right thingEnvironment Variable KCONFIG_ALLCONFIGKCONFIG_ALLCONFIG= Effect:

    $..Make /must_be_set allnoconfig$grep CONFIG_SWAP .configCONFIG_SWAP=y

    If modification KCONFIG_ALLCONFIG is not defined, buildThe system looks for files in the top-level make directory named:

    If any of these native files are present, the build will use the individuals as configuration value lists, most of which should befueled these ideas. If none of these files were found, buildFinally, the system looks for the link using a file named all.config.list of applied configuration values.

    linux kernel configuration defconfig

    You must transfer these different files through a well known database.A configuration that could probably still work. Then the configuration of the new optionscan be used to create exceptional test sets Forging for needsPosition.


    Updates the latest kernel configuration usingline-oriented program.

    Menu Configuration

    Updates the current kernel configuration with the installation textmenu-based program.

    Where is Gentoo kernel config?

    config file in /usr/src/linux/. configuration This is a fast and secure way to extend a configuration file that contains all the configuration settings needed to support the hardware, as well as bug fixes and security fixes.


    Updates the current kernel configuration with a QT-based visual program.


    Update your current kernel configuration by simply using a GTK+ based GUI program.

    old configuration

    Updates see the current kernel by adjusting the build withQuery the current .config file and nearly all new options that have been introducedadded to core.


    Same as oldconfig, but don't style anything other than the screen with it, which should be the second questionanswered.

    launch configuration

    linux kernel configuration defconfig

    Create a kernel configuration with random responses for beginnersto all the different options.


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  • Step 1: Open the ASR Pro software
  • Step 2: Click on "Start scan"
  • Step 3: Click on "Repair now" to start the repair process

  • Creates a nice new kernel configuration with default settings.The answer is used for all options. Default settingThe values ​​are taken from the report located in

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