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    I’m trying to create a stored procedure in the informix database, but when I try to run the code to create the procedure, the correct error appears at the very beginning of the line:

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  • Step 1: Open the ASR Pro software
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  • Error: A syntax error has occurred.SQLstatus: -201Message: 42000Error Code: 167An error has occurred in:Create procedure test (date p_from_date, date, p_to_date p_department_id matches Department, p_username LVARCHAR(100)) and return a decimal numberDETERMINE number lvarchar(32100)

    informix error code sql state 42000

    create procedure v_report test(p_from_date date, p_to_date date, p_department_id, e.g., p_username Returning v_report lvarchar(100)) LVARCHAR(32100);DEFINE DECIMALSET v_report_result_id LIKE report_result.V_amount, id;define v_bank_amount, v_nap_amount, DECIMAL(16);DEFINE v_pos_amount v_f_report_result.SMALLINT;DEFINE v_order_number LIKE report_result.V_type v_payment_channel, order_number;set LVARCHAR(20);DEFINE v_department_name to be the same as;DEFINE v_rownum integer V_current_time;set VARCHAR(30);...returns v_report_result_id;FINAL PROCEDURE;

    What is Informix error code-201?

    An Informix syntax error has occurred. Error Code: -201 – Stack Overflow Informix ERROR: A syntax error has occurred. Error code: -201

    bat August 22, 2018, 9:06 am


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    What is the ODBC error code for the native error number 42000?

    If the non-error local number can match all useful ODBC error codes, the ODBC Server sql native client driver returns SQLSTATE 42000 (“Other side access violation syntax error”). For errors detected by the driver, the ODBC vehicle owner generates the appropriate SQLSTATE from the native SQL Server client.

    The statement separator should be replaced with ; which includes everything else that is not common in the code (I got the idea in @).

    Because at first glance the character ; that the interpreter would see in the code (which was just in the first line was considered) is the end of the whole code (creating all the interpreted processing) .

    I use And and Squrrel restructured statements separator like this: session>tutorial properties>SQL>say separator.

    What line does sqlprepare got SQLSTATE 42000 call from?

    hgopars, line 298: SQLPrepare call received 42000 sqlstate. Rc=28500 End of hgopars, error 2008/01/07-16:55:33 ptr with FILE:hgopars.c LINE:328 FUNCTION:hgopars() ID:Prepare : error stmt

    I hope this helps everyone who has the same problem as me.

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    informix error code sql state 42000

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