Incorrect Database Vault Number C067 When Troubleshooting Easy Way

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    If you encounter the error Database vault number c067 is an invalid error code, today’s article is here to help you. Explanation: Invalid site number. Possible Cause Database: The mail company data (wphost.db) is not secure. Action: Check and repair the database if necessary.

    This document (10095890) is currently provided subject to the disclaimer at the end of this document.


    A user in terms of all domains, despite being an employee of the target office.



    A third party application attempted to document a user account being processed because a person’s move was accompanied by a move, causing that particular move to fail.


    Rename userxxx.db in your current post office target directory from user followed by | go to ConsoleOne | Tools | System missions | User move status | Highlight to move this user and repeat the last process move step.


    Logs of moves successful from the TARGET POA whilePOA only writes in detail, displayed as follows:

    11:45:34 46C (TRACKMOVE) (Move.Received ) address book component: user ID (d6t)
    11:45:34 46C (Move (trackmove).) User parameter received: user ID (d6t )
    46c 11:45:34 (trackmove) (move.) Received parameter: user User ID (d6t)
    46c 11:45:34 (Move (trackmove). Received user parameter: User id (d6t) 46C
    > 11:45:34 (Move (trackmove).) User parameter received: (d6t) 46C userid
    11:45:34 (Move (trackmove).) Remaining inventory: userid (d6t )
    11:45:34 46C (TRACKMOVE) END ‘Dispatch’ live (0 0x00000000): ID
    11:45: user (d6t)34 46C (TRACKMOVE) Inventory list is now EMPTY: ID
    11:45 : user (d6t )34 46C (TRACKMOVE) LIVE restore completed – database will be deleted SOURCE: ID
    11:45: user (d6t)34 46C (TRACKMOVE) (Move.Transfer ) completed All elements of user ID (d6t) received :
    11:45:34 46C (TRACKMOVE) (Move.) Send delete notification on: User ID (d6t) (TRACKMOVE) 46c 11:45:34 Delete INVENTORY – Number
    (TRACKMOVE) 46c 11:45:34 END – phase ‘SendRetrievalList_LiveRetry’ (0 0x00000000): User ID (d6t )

    Logs of successful ideas from POA SOURCE, while logs from POA when verbosity is used are displayed like this:

    11:45:43 363 (TRACKMOVE) (.Move) Delete user dataUser: user id (d6t)
    11:45:43 363 (TRACKMOVE) ‘WpeDeleteUserExt’ attempted: user id (d6t)
    11:45:43 363 Delete user/resource: user id

    11:45:43 Delete entry of element 363
    11:45:43 Delete entry of element 363
    11:45:43 Delete entry of element 363
    11:45:43 Delete entry of message 363
    11:45:43 363 Trackmove deleted user ‘WpeDeleteUserExt’ 0x00000000) (0: user id (d6t)
    11:45:43 ( TRACKMOVE) Finished ‘WpeDeleteUserExt’ 0x00000000) (0: user id (d6t) < br >11:45:43,363 (TRACKMOVE) Send status MOVE_USER_FINISHED: User ID (d6t) < 11:45:43,363 (TRACKMOVE)) END PHASE 'DeleteMovedUser_Batch' - 0x00000000) (0: User ID (d6t)
    11:45 :43 363 OK Processed
    11:45:47 4F9 MTP: File sent: A1C023E7.001 Queue: 41526
    11:45:47 Size: 4B7 MTP: A1C023E7 File sent: .003 Queue: 21526
    11:45:47 Size: MTP: 4f9 Sent: File A1C023E7.005 Waiting in queue: 2 Size: 1526
    11:47:17 Logging 30F: Restart


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    Document ID:
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    Date of creation:. December 2004
    Date modified:
    C067 Invalid data store number
    15 novl100245
    December 04, 2005
    Novell class: GroupWise Product Client/Administrator


    error that occurred c067-database store number is invalid

    Source, name=”Warning”> associated with this information may be internal or simply external to Novell. Novell will use reasonable efforts to verify such notices. However, the information contained in this key white paper is provided for informational purposes only. novell makes no express or intentional representations regarding the accuracy of this process information.All marks mentioned in document a are the property of their respective owners. See product manuals for complete brand information.

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  • Step 1: Open the ASR Pro software
  • Step 2: Click on "Start scan"
  • Step 3: Click on "Repair now" to start the repair process

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