How To Solve Problems With Apple Update Error 3014?

In this user guide, we will find out some of the possible causes that can cause Apple update error 3014 and then I will provide possible fixes with which you can try to get rid of this problem.

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    1. One-click iTunes Repair Tool to Fix iTunes Error 3014. So make it easy for yourself and run TunesFix to fix iTunes Error 3014.
    2. Check your security software. Your Windows firewall might be the reason why iTunes is not working properly.
    3. . Examine and edit host files. Editing the hosts files should be your last resort.

    You encounter iTunes error 3014 when looking for an iOS update or restore. Maybe you don’t know what it was and how to deal with it. So post it to find out. In particular, after reading this article, you will get 6 instructions on how to fix iTunes error 3014.

    An unknown error notification (3014) is displayed when trying to update or restore an iOS phone using iTunes. Your mind can ignore because you don’t know i-tunes errors. So, the first thing your business probably wants to know is when it comes to iTunes errors. In the case of iPhone error 3014, this is also one of the restore/update errors where iTunes cannot access the Apple operating system software update server. So, what can you do to fix Apple iTunes error 3014 or iPhone restore error 3014? Before doing this, it is important to find out the reasons.

    Why Does IPhone Error 3014 Actually Occur?

    1. The computer shows the wrong date and time;
    2. Download insecure, incomplete, or outdated versions of appsiTunes.
    3. Windows system files or files related to iTunes are infected with viruses and even malware.
    4. Files associated with iTunes are corrupted in the corresponding Windows registry;
    5. Files associated with iTunes are being maliciously or carelessly deleted by other programs.

    Fix ITunes 3014 With A Professional ITunes Troubleshooter

    This is the best solution, while the other 5 solutions will certainly also work with the iTunes 3014 crisis, which states that there was a known error while updating the OS to the latest version. We recommend this tool because it will save you time and help you solve our problem with a few clicks, the truth you need, the best you can understand and use, caution and a lot of effort. AnyFix – iOS System Recovery, an effective iTunes troubleshooter capable of fixing over 200 iTunes problems.

    Now follow the detailed instructions to help you figure out how to fix your iPhone 3014 issue.

    apple update error 3014

    Step 1: Download and run AnyFix on all your computers > connectSelect your iPhone, which should be connected to your computer > select Apple Company Repair on the right.

    apple update error 3014

    Step 2. In this part of the approach, select iTunes install/download/update errors and then click “Fix Now” to continue.

    Why does my iPhone say an error occurred during update?

    One of the most common reasons why a major iOS update can fail is due to lack of disk space. This is an easy fix if you’re willing to make the short-term sacrifice of deleting your favorite songs, apps, photos, or videos. All you have to do is erase enough data to free up the space needed for the iOS update.

    Step 3. Clicking AnyFix will restore the iTunes components on your separate computer. Here you need to give someone admin rights to restore AnyFix directly in iTunes. Click the “Yes” and “OK” buttons to continue.

    Step 4. Repair will take some time. Once this is done, you can return to “Return to Rent” or go to iTunes by dragging iTunes to the open window.

    Check The Version Associated With ITunes

    Updating iTunes to the latest version is a good way to fix this error. Although it is very easy to use, in many cases it works.

    Check The Date And Time On Your Computer

    Sometimes an iTunes error can be caused by incorrect date and time settings on your computer, which usually results in a confusing negative threat message with an Apple server. Therefore, it is better to set the correct timename, date and time zone to correct this error.

    On A Windows PC

    How to fix iTunes error 3014 on iPhone?

    Since the error suggests repairing or updating iPhone 3014, select the “Fix other problems with iTunes” mode. Step 3: Click “Restore” and wait for it to complete. With practice, you should be able to properly repair or upgrade your iPhone.

    Step 1: Select > Control Panel > Date and Time.

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  • Step 1: Open the ASR Pro software
  • Step 2: Click on "Start scan"
  • Step 3: Click on "Repair now" to start the repair process

  • Step 2. Select “Change” and “Date and Time” to reset; To reset, select Change time zone.

    On A Mac

    Step 1: Go to Apple menu > System Preferences > Date & Time.

    Step 2. Select the date and time of the reset; Select a time zone to reset it.

    Check TCP/IP Filter, Firewall Or Security Software

    How do I fix iOS software update failed?

    Check the connection status.Please wait a few hours to try again.Restart your current iPhone.Reset network settings on iPhone.Update iPhone via iTunes.Free storage spaceReadings on your iPhone.Manually update the IPSW firmware.

    If you have TCP/IP filters, software, or security software installed on your Over computer, try the following:

    Step 2: Make sure you have an Internet connection, then go to or contact Internet Setup for help.

    Step 3: Bypass your Internet router. Some routers may be preventing iTunes from accessing the Bring-Up server.

  • If you are using a third party router, disconnect it from your wired or wireless router and use an Ethernet cable to directly connect your computer to the router Your own modem.
  • >

  • When finished, restart your computer and modem. If you’re having trouble using your modem, contact your website provider for instructions.
  • After making sure your wonderful internet connection is working, try updating or restoring your iOS device again.

    Update Your Computer’s Operating System

    How do I fix error 4013 on iPhone?

    Update i-tunes to the latest version.forcedrestart your iPhone.Connect your device to iTunes, download and install the latest iOS update.Update your Mac or find and install Sees on your computer.Try USB cables.Recovery using a number of computers.

    Updating your computer’s operating system is a big help in resolving issues like iTunes Error 3014 as Windows or Mac versions are not fully compatible with newer versions of iTunes.

    To Update Windows

    Can’t restore iPhone because error occurred?

    How to Fix “iTunes Could Not Restore iPhone/iPad/iPod Due to an Error” Error Message Disconnect iPhone/iPad/iPod from Lightning TV and completely restart iPhone. For Windows users, reset Windows sockets with Winsock rewrite and then restart your computer. For Mac users: Restart your Mac.

    The move is definite. Click the Start button > Control > Windows Update panel.

    Step 3. Wait a moment, click “Install updates” if a service update is available.

    To Update Mac X

    Operating system. Step 3: If an extension is available, click Update to download and add it to your system.

    Reset Hosts

    This step is very technical and we don’t recommend starting it if you don’t know it. This is your last longer choice.op from the basic solutions of all the above steps.

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    How to resolve 3014 error on iPad Mini 32GB?

    I just solved a very clean 3014 problem everyone started with half a dozen of my iPad mini 32gb iOS up to iOS 7.1.1. At first I thought it had something to do with the amount of free space on the C: drive of the computer. Therefore, I developed internal temporary files to handle all temporary files. Empty your retail cart to increase storage from 6.6 GB to 7.34 GB.

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